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If you’re traveling to Seattle on a budget and plan on visiting cities like Tacoma, Orca Card Seattle is a great resource for saving money on transportation.

Downtown Tacoma is known for its glass museum and various cafes, local businesses, museums, bakeries and more. If you love the city life but want a bit more peace and quiet with the tourism feel, make sure to make the trip.

Downtown Seattle has been my go-to for travel…

Every year I travel to Downtown Seattle and explore the area around Westlake Center, Pike’s Market for my chicken gizzards, yes, I love them and look forward to buying some more the next time I am there.

You can usually find me at the Warwick on 4th and Lenora enjoying the pool and ordering overrated room service because I forgot to buy more food for the hotel room.

But walking to the space needle from the hotel makes up for the times I feel ripped off when ordering room service, not that the food is bad, it’s just costly and it can hit the wallet if you’re on a budget.

Traveling to Downtown Seattle…

Is something I recommend for anyone that is looking to see where the Seattle Seahawks nest or visiting the big white pointy structure that is always seen on TV and represents what everyone thinks of when someone mentions they are from Washington state.

But when I am not in Seattle, I enjoy living in Downtown Tacoma.

If you’re a big fan of the city life but yearn for a bit of peace, visit Downtown Tacoma, it’s smaller than Seattle yet has just enough spunk to give you the city vibe. You can also find lot’s of mom and pop shops right among the Tacoma University of Washington Campus.