Being an entrepreneur in Tacoma

One thing about Tacoma in my personal opinion is that there are a lot of under the radar entrepreneurs.

One of my neighbors has started a digital magazine for the transgender community and has done other entrepreneurial endeavors.

Being a Tacoma entrepreneur…

Has it’s ups and downs such as you really don’t know who is in entrepreneurship unless you get out and become social.

But beware there are a lot of people fronting like they’re doing something when they’re not.

How can you network with other entrepreneurs in Tacoma?

You can visit Tacoma Meetups and see if there is a meetup group in the field you’re in or just socialize at your local coffee shops.

My tip is to go on Twitter or Instagram and use your local hashtag + entrepreneur in the search field for example type in #tacomaentrepreneur on Instagram or on twitter just type Tacoma entrepreneur.

Tacoma isn’t known for startups, how can you become known?

Social media! Get your brand out there and hustle to build your name. Also, visit Seattle and socialize with the numerous techies and make friends.

Start a YouTube channel providing informational tips and content in your field and products.

Don’t let your location hold you back; Tacoma might not be Seattle but you can still make it big!

Should I move to Seattle to become an entrepreneur?

Yes and no, because it depends. If your business is a storefront and depends on local growth and your field is popular in Seattle, then Seattle might be your best shot, however, if your business is online, then it doesn’t matter.

Social media and the overall internet has made it that anyone can build a brand no matter their location. Digital, Content, Video, if you remember those three and do your research, you’ll be ahead no matter where you reside.


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