Downtown tacoma lunch spot

Cafe amasia: Rice Bowls, Sandwichs, egg rolls and more.

Cafe amasia has some of the best lunch items for the cheap like their rice bowls for $7.99 and it fills you up until dinner time.

I opt for their spicy pork rice bowl. Just enough flavor with the pork laid out perfectly over their white sticky rice – not too spicy but just enough to make you grab a green tea – I usually opt to go next door to the market and get an Arizona 99cent tea.

Another lunch spot that I go to if I’m sick and in need of a quick pick me up is…

Fresh rolls: gluten free beef pho

It’s not my favorite pho if I am being honest and if you’re craving pho because you’re also an obsessed pho person then this might not be your pho place.

It’s lacking in terms of satisfying a craving but it’s great if you’re sick and live down the street from it like I do. However, these are my two most frequented spots if I’m in need of a quick lunch or pick me up.

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