Fireman’s park tacoma

Fireman’s park Tacoma

Is located near the state farm building in Tacoma and close to 9th and Pacific. I come here to clear my head during hard times or go rock searching with the kid, which, I started doing recently.

With the water and boats nearby and the freeway and Tacoma Dome in the other direction, you won’t get tired of the view. You’ll find people taking pictures and walking their dogs or jogging through while admiring the view.

It’s a bit cold as I type this and my hands are a bit numb but it’s been a beautiful Sunday and over to the right of me a bit of way is a church gathering for people that want to get the word and food for the soul. I myself am not into the lord but I suppose its good for those that are close to a god.

Visiting the park and walking the path…

Is calming while you walk the cute trail which leads out at another end, there is even a view of the old Tacoma city hall, with the beautiful clock tower.

The park is above a freeway so it is easy to get frightened by the vibration of cars, trucks, and all vehicles driving underneath, which is also why I don’t recommend playing ball. The last thing we want is the ball going over the walls and into the freeway causing an accident.

Passing time at firemen park in Tacoma…

Is great while having a picnic and reading a book. I use to visit here during the summers with the kid, stopping by a store and grabbing some snacks for a quick lunch before heading to the park and sitting on our favorite hill, overlooking the port of Tacoma.

Tacoma has plenty of parks…

to visit such as Fireman’s park, frost park, the pierce transit park, Wright’s, wapatos, and more, you won’t get bored visiting some of them while picnicking with family and saving dollars.

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