Hotel Olympus Tacoma

This is my story, dun dun! Kidding, but that picture is the view I have while I currently sit in an apartment at Hotel Olympus in Tacoma.

Hotel Olympus in Tacoma

Is located in downtown Tacoma, built in 1909, the building has A lot of history and I can’t help but wonder who sat in this bedroom that I’m writing in, was he or she also a writer?

I am fascinated by the 1900s -1920s and it’s why I chose hotel Olympus as my home for a year.

Living in Hotel Olympus…

For the last 10 months has been full of ups and downs, it’s low-income housing, so the rent is fair but it’s not the kind of environment I would want to raise a child in.

The first night I slept here, it was awesome, however, it was a weekend so the bars were loud and people yelling, screaming, partying, cars honking, the first night basically prepared me for new york city.

Living downtown in a hotel

Is an experience that I will cherish as I grew up on this show called the suite life of Zack and Cody on the Disney channel, and never did I think I’ll be living a childhood show.

However, without the bellhops, room service, doormen etc.

Hotel Olympus is located..

Right across from dorky’s arcade and shares a building with the forum, a popular bar, it’s near frost park and close to Tully, and the Original House of Donuts.

I love that breakfast isn’t far from me. I love grabbing a plain bagel with cream cheese for $2. The New York feels!

Should you move to downtown Tacoma?

It depends, do you love the city life? Don’t mind riding the bus or paying for parking? Don’t mind loud noise on weekends? Want to be around cafes, bars, and restaurants?

Then sure! Downtown is for you. But if you answered no to all of those questions, then just visit Tacoma’s Downtown.

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