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Seattle police often ride bikes since it is easier to get around on a bike in the busy city.

The Seattle correctional facility is King County’s main jail also known as the king county jail.

If you have a loved one within the facility or are trying to find information about the Seattle correctional facility, you landed in the right spot.

The king county jail roster…

Will provide you with updated information on inmates currently locked up or those who have recently been arrested.

If you need help navigating the jail roster or finding information on a loved one…

Call the King County jail phone number at 253-206-296-1234 for adult and the juvenile detention center.

Address: 500 5th Ave. Seattle, WA 98104 

For King County jail visiting hours and guidelines, visit their official page.

Finding out that your loved one is in jail…

It is never easy when we have someone in the family or a close friend that continues to get in trouble with the law, or it could be their first time, either way, it’s uncomfortable and the unknown is always scary.

If you’re now in the stage of looking into bailing someone out of jail then to continue to read on.

There are plenty of King County bail bonds in the Seattle area, but before running to the nearest bail bond agency, let’s make sure you know how bail bonds work. 

There are two types of bonds. 1) Cash Bond. 2) Bail Bond.  And both are dependent upon your current finances.

Cash Bond is when you’re able to pay out the bond upfront. So if the bond is $10,000, you’ll pay the full amount. If your loved one shows up to court, you’ll receive the amount back minus any fees.

Bail Bonds are common because many people don’t have an extra $10,000 in their bank account.

If you use a bail bond, you’ll only have to pay a percentage of the bail amount. You’ll have to apply to see if you’re eligible because the company you’ll be using will be putting their own cash on your behalf.

Additional information…

Visit the following website to read more on the difference between cash bonds and bail bonds (surety bonds).

If you’re loved one is being held in the pierce county area, visit the following website Pierce County Jail Guide.

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