Living in Tacoma vs Seattle

Picture of Downtown Tacoma

living in Tacoma vs Seattle

Is a question that is often asked by those looking to move to the PNW, how is “living in Tacoma vs Seattle”? Well, let’s get started!

The Pros of living in Tacoma

Born and raised in Tacoma has had its fair share of challenges, but let’s start with the pros.

The city is smaller than Seattle, less competition with business, however, I am in the online game, so it might be easier for me than with some with a brick and mortar store.

Downtown Tacoma has a nice chill vibe to it, and many small businesses are still thriving, regardless of the bigger businesses closing shop and moving to the surrounding cities.

Rent is cheaper than Seattle, however, it is increasing, but it’s still cheaper and if you’re riding the bus to Seattle from downtown Tacoma, you’ll only be 45 minutes away from Downtown Seattle.

Cons of living in Tacoma

In certain areas, the crime rate can be high, just like any other city. The north side of Tacoma is nice but pricer but has the better school districts and you’ll find organic food shops, cafes and small businesses.

Downtown Tacoma, homelessness is increasing so just like any other downtown area, each block you’ll pass people sleeping on the ground, in stairways, and closed off doorways.

Since the bigger businesses are leaving Tacoma, people are losing their jobs and the economy is kind of struggling to get on its feet, however, businesses continue to open and thrive in the city.

Seattle Seahawks

Pros of living in Seattle

Seattle has that hustle and purpose vibe and businesses are huge there.

It’s very LGBTQ friendly.

You’ll never have to go far for coffee since there are coffee shops almost on every block, Starbucks, bistros and more.

There is a place for every demographic, the young worker, the retirees in some of the connected neighborhoods like capitol hill.

The tech world is huge and Seattle is home to Amazon, the biggest online retailers.

If you’re a huge fan of sports, then you’ll be able to check out the Seahawks, Mariners, and more.

Cons of living in Seattle

Higher rent prices, anything below $50,000 is considered low income and you might find you’re self-rooming with someone if you make less than $30,000.

Since Seattle has more businesses, the competition can be stiff.

The one-way streets can be confusing for many newcomers arriving in the city.

Weather, people have the tendency to panic when it snows or rains, even though, Washington is known for its rain.

Tacoma and Seattle connections…

Many people that live in Tacoma because it’s cheaper, work in Seattle.

Sound Transit is the public transportation connect between Seattle and Tacoma.

You can find many Seattle workers taking the 594 from Downtown Tacoma to their jobs in Seattle, including those that work for Amazon.


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