Living in Tacoma Washington

Tacoma Dome

living in Tacoma Washington: Opinion piece

has it’s ups and downs just like every other city but I figured I’d give you some personal insight in case you were deciding to move to the Tacoma¬†area, home of the Tacoma Dome.

living in Tacoma Washington: What’s it like?

Well, that depends on where you live and how you’re living. I grew up on the south side of Tacoma, away from the infamous hilltop, however, that didn’t stop my bike from getting stolen or people trying to break into our house.

But that was the 90’s and early 2000’s, since then I got to experience different areas of Tacoma, and I gotta say the Downtown Tacoma area is by far my favorite side of Tacoma.

Living in Tacoma Washington: Downtown

I moved downtown May of last year and it has been fulfilling and stressful all at the time same.

Just like any downtown area, it’s nice to walk out your door and be in the middle of the heart, the city, walking and witnessing people live their life, coming and going, however, the downside is that the homeless population is increasing and on weekends, bars are open until 2 am with music and people yelling and fighting.

Living in Tacoma Washington: Vs Seattle?

Seattle definitely has more going for it and in fact, I often visit Seattle and plan on moving in the Downtown District of Seattle end of the year.

However,¬† visit the following article if you want to find out what it’s like to live in Seattle vs Tacoma.

Living in Tacoma Washington: Which is more kid-friendly?

It depends, Tacoma has many museums and is more family oriented in many of the neighborhoods, I also have a kiddo, and he loves living downtown, he finds it amusing, but I also had to educate him more on why so many people are sleeping on the streets

Seattle, I love for raising kids when it comes to the tech world, as there is so much over there like Amazon, Seattle’s business district, the museums, and Imax theater.

Living in Tacoma Washington: Overall

I prefer Seattle because it’s faster pace, people walk with more purpose because the hustle is real there, after all, rent is high, so you gotta bust some chops to afford to live there, but I also just like the hustle as Tacoma is slower in terms of growth.

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