Moving to Downtown Seattle

This is the apartment that I want to move into for a year or six months at the least if I can’t afford New York

Moving to Downtown Seattle 2019

By mid-2019 I want to be in Seattle, the heart of Downtown Seattle to be exact, the earliest being early 2019. So I decided to publish this short blog post of my goals so I can look back and reflect when the time period comes.

New York is the main goal overall but seeing I want to move to Cobble Hill Brooklyn and you have to make 40x the rent, chances are I’ll be in Seattle enjoying the summer in my loft/condo by next midsummer which is a doable goal compared to New York.

Downtown Seattle apartment goal.

The apartment pictured above is the one I have my eyes set on, however, once I am closer to my goal who knows which apartment building I’ll move to as a few new buildings will be complete by end of this year and next year.

Living in Downtown Tacoma for the past year has been fun, and humbling because when I first moved downtown, I struggled to keep food in the home and keep the bills paid due to unexpected expenses.

what I learned while living in downtown Tacoma

I learned the depth of what it takes to grind and what it means to go hard even when you don’t see the outcome that you’re hoping for. While struggling the first six months of living at the Hotel Olympus in Tacoma¬†I learned a lot and gained a lot of experience with my work.

I was determined to make things better for myself and my son, so I stayed up hours into the night, sometimes pulling all-nighters, late nights, early mornings, whenever I could, I was up working on my website with the goal to bring in an additional income.

Where I am at now with things

Things have gotten better in terms of finances, however, I still want better in terms of what I can provide for myself and my child. Right now, I have the time on my side at the age of twenty-seven, so I am pushing myself to go hard at the goals I have.

I’ve been in Tacoma almost my entire young adulthood and I am ready to move away from Tacoma¬†and eventually, leave Washington altogether. But until I can afford NY, Downtown Seattle is next on my list.

wrapping up…

I plan to come back a year from this date with an update and I plan on it being with the news that I am living in downtown Seattle. I do know plans sometimes don’t go accordingly but for now, that is the destination and I look forward to giving the update.


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