Our trip to Ruston Way to see the Black Panther movie

Black Panther

Tacoma has plenty of great movie theaters. I took the kid to see Black Panther twice, once at the Lakewood town center and this time we went to the Cinemark Ruston way theatre.

ruston way theatre: Props to the chain

The chairs are comfortable and the food is fairly priced for a movie theater and the popcorn was great.

I bought my tickets online and bought the food from the concession before scanning my phone and making our way to the movie.

ruston way theatre: has great customer service/employees.

I always love when a business has decent respectful employees that go out of their way or remember a face. I went to grab snacks for my son twice and two different employees manned the ticket scan station and each one went out of their way to be helpful.

One of them opened the door when my hands were full of food and he was polite.

ruston way theatre: Grab a bite to eat after the movie

You can grab some Pizza or burgers after the movie next door or visit the ice cream cafe inside the movie theater, and again, the prices for food are reasonable, I spent $11 for a small popcorn and hotdog.

Yeah, $11 is a lot for that but I have been to theaters like the AMC in Lakewood where you can only get a large or regular popcorn and a hot dog, higer price.

The Ruston way cinamark definitely has better menu options and prices compared to Lakewood town center.

ruston way theatre: Hit up the beach before or after the movie

The beach is nice and there are plenty of places to sit down and eat before the movie. There’s a nice path that you can walk along and look out over the water – you won’t be disappointed.

Wrapping up

Ruston way is five to ten mins from downtown Tacoma, if you plan to be out the whole day with your children, grandchildren or just for yourself, you’ll have plenty to do if you decide to explore this side of Tacoma.

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