Seattle Passport Guide

Passport Guide

Seattle passports

Looking to get a passport and are a resident of Seattle?

We found the perfect guide for you to visit and get all the information you need to get a passport in 2018.

The Seattle passport Guide

If you live in Seattle you’ll find helpful when it comes to getting your first passport, renewing your passport, finding a place for passport photos and more.

Bartell Drugs for passport photos is just one of the places recommended on their website which is a store similar to Walgreens or a rite-aids.

Information on getting your passport.

Considering we are a guide site we cannot write an article without providing some basic information on getting your freedom aka passport.

When applying for your passport for the first time you’ll need to have your birth certificate, social security card and a passport photo that meets requirements

The benefits of getting your passport…

Getting your passport is a whole another level of freedom. When you get your driver’s license its freedom but then you get your passport and you’re able to expand your horizon

Only a few are willing to take action…

Many speak of traveling overseas and talk about getting their passport but only a few go down to the passport office and fill out their application.

Getting your passport is not scary.

It is not as scary as you think it is, I finally got mine in 2016 right after the election because I wanted to expand my options, not to move out of the country, but to be able to get away and find peace and remember that there is more out there.

I was a talker for years, I would tell people ” I am going to get a passport” but would never follow through instead I’d look at pictures of Scotland and castles online just dreaming and talking.

Final thoughts…

Getting your passport will cost you $110 for an adult and $80.00 for a child passport. An adult passport is good for 10 years and a child passport is good for 5 years.

Once you have your passport in hand, the only after focus is saving for a trip.

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