Seattle Planning Guide

So you’re planning a trip to Seattle Washington.

And you’re wondering what you might need to bring and you can never seem to find the balance between over packing and under packing your suitcase.

Well, here is where it gets awesome, I am local to Seattle and native to Tacoma, and often times I’ll travel to Seattle with my nine-year-old son and stay in the heart of Downtown Seattle.

The first time I planned my trip, I too didn’t know what to pack and I under packed, I forgot the hotel had a pool, and I ended up ruining a great shirt from the chlorine in the pool.

What you might need when you plan a trip Seattle Washington…

Depending on the weather during your trip, your luggage itinerary is going to severely change.

The first time I stayed in Seattle was during April, and I packed some t-shirts and joggers, basic fashionable sweatpants, and brought a light jacket for rain.

In April, the weather is nice and not overbearing, so bringing some casual clothing, like short sleeves, jeans, comfortable shoes is perfect.

Being that it is Seattle, always make sure you bring a nice enough jacket in case it does rain on a day that you are there.

The amazing side to rainy days in Seattle is that people are still enjoying themselves, and there are plenty of cafes and Starbucks to dip inside and grab a calming beverage.

“Weekend trips from Seattle are goals for some Washingtonians, as beautiful as Seattle is, it holds true to its secondary name, The city of Rain.”

Creating a Seattle trip planner.

One thing that I find useful whenever I travel with the kid, I often create a simple trip planner of the activities we plan to do, and I say plan because life does happen and things come up, however, I often plan around those activity ideas…

  • What transportation is going to get us from point A to point B
  • Budgeting for each activity, for example only spend $30 at Pikes market, $50 at the Westlake Mall, etc
  •  Clothing attire dependent on the season and activities, like swimming means shorts for the kid and me.
  • I often do grocery shopping to have food in the hotel room because eating out can be expensive and sometimes’s it’s hard to keep track of your budget when you’re buying random drinks and snacks throughout the day. Room Service is also spendy and often times inconsistent depending on the chef, so you’ll be mad if you spend $25 on a meal and it’s okay at best.

Planning your trip to Seattle or anywhere can be stressful, however, just taking time to write down your ideas for the trip can be a healthy mental shift that will allow you to breathe a sigh of relief.

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