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Tacoma Mall ResturantsVisiting the Tacoma Mall can be a fun family experience. There is something to do for everyone, whether visiting the cheesecake factory for a romantic date while the kids build their own stuff animals at build-a-bear, the choices are endless.

Planning a smooth day at the mall.

One thing about going to the Tacoma mall is that you can spend hours there looking around for certain stores, shopping, eating and having fun, losing track of the time and before you know it, you forgot to take care of last minute errands for the day.

So to help your day at the mall go smooth, check out the Tacoma Mall  Directory.

Planning out your shopping spree.

It is alway’s great to know what stores you want to hit ahead of time and what location those stores are in. Nothing frustrating like shopping at JCpennys, heading over to See’s Candies, only to find out that you have to head all the way back to the other side of the mall to pick up some kitchen appliances at Sears.

Check out the Tacoma Mall map to plan your destinations ahead of time, saving you the frustration of weaving in and out of mall traffic, especially during the holiday season.

Important Tacoma Mall Infomation.

And of course, I can’t forget to include the Tacoma Mall Hours which are 10AM–9PM Mon-Sat and Sunday 11 am to 7 pm. If you’re visiting during the holiday season, check out the Holiday Hours.

Tacoma Mall Address: 4502 S Steele St, Tacoma, WA 98409.

Figuring out Transportation.

If you’re driving, visit Mall Directions, however, if you’re planning on taking Tacoma’s Public Transporation, you can plan your trip using the Pierce County Trip Planner.

Note: If you’re coming from Seattle, you’ll end up in Downtown Tacoma, and from there you can take route 57, route 3, or route 41. I highly recommend taking route 57, which should get you there the quickest.

Visiting the Seattle Mall…

If you’re interested in visiting Seattle, check out our  Seattle Mall Mini Guide. Seattle has two malls close to each other to broaden your shopping experience.

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