The cost of visiting Seattle

Ah man, Seattle, thank you for giving me that knock-off version of NYC, because truthfully, I can’t afford the visit there, but Seattle, you get the job done for now.

The cost of Seattle.

You might as well put it up there like any other major city like NY, Chicago, and San Francisco because it can get pricey even if you’re only visiting for a day.

The temptation of spending is huge in the cities, it’s their economic value, tourism, and shopping, and if you have FOMO real bad, (Fear of missing out), then you’ll probably spend $5 on that cupcake, you see everyone standing in line for.

How do I manage Seattle?

Well, it helps that I live in the city over, Tacoma, and take the bus from one downtown to another, so that saves me money on flight fare and hotel fare, however, I have stayed in Seattle for fun/work and I have spent $500 for a hotel, 3 – 4 days. (I don’t always get the best deals :/ )

Anyways, the point is I save money on stay and flight, however, still visiting can still run you over budget.

Eating in Seattle, woah

You don’t want to miss out on some of the eats, some things you have got splurge on like the famous piroshky bakery or get some chicken gizzards at Pikes place, yes…I’m weird, but I love them, $6.99 per pound.

You won’t walk far without finding some gems in Seattle for good eats, and of course, you’ll have the highest opportunity of being caffeinated your whole visit, because Starbucks is on every block it seems.

Set a budget for Eating expenses

You’ll grab something and walk another block and see something in a cafe that looks good, and it’s easy to go overboard on food and souvenirs, and having just a bit of wiggle room for that random bottle of juice or water, can save you from going over budget.

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