Wapato Park

The park I grew up going to and visited yesterday; Wapato Park

Wapato park is known for their lake and walking trails and free leash dog park that allows just about everyone to enjoy the park while feeling safe.

If you want to take your dog – there’s a separate fenced in area for dogs and their owners to roam free without the anxiety of children getting bit.

What else is awesome about Wapato park?

People have their weddings and will sometimes book the Wapato park pavilion for their wedding and have a catering event while enjoying the nice view of the lake.

You can rent the pavilion from April 1st – Sept 30th and reserve up to 365 days in advance.

The memories…

I use to have some childhood birthday parties at the park and now as an adult, I enjoy BBQ’s with my friends that have become family over the years.

If you have kids there are playgrounds near the BBQ areas so you can grill while keeping an eye on the kiddos.

Park hours are…

Open 1/2 hour before sunrise and close 1/2 hour after sunset and yes Wapato has become stricter since a police station was built within the premises couple of years ago.

Can you go swimming in the Wapato lake?

No! Please don’t let your kids play in the water – it’s filthy and ducks poop and swim near the shore.

Fishing, however, is only okay for juveniles under 15 years old or those who are disabled. Look here for more information.

Wrapping up

You won’t find yourself disappointed with the view and the walking trail which goes around the lake.

The park has really improved since my childhood. I remember riding bikes up and down the then abandoned trails and the overgrown grass wooden steps.

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