Writing for Seattle Tacoma

Has been rewarding and calming, it was started in November of 2017, because the owner lives in downtown Tacoma and realized that there wasn’t much documentation on Tacoma like there is on Seattle.

Writing about Tacoma

Has been rewarding in terms of writing certain blog posts like Fireman’s park Tacoma because if you Google it, you won’t find as much information on it and it’s also one of my favorite parks to visit in the summer to read a book or just grab a quick lunch while overlooking the port of Tacoma.

Bringing more information to residents and visitors on Tacoma is the main goal for me as a writer, I find that Tacoma doesn’t get much love like Seattle and it’s unfortunate because downtown Tacoma is a thing of glory and beauty.

Some of the plans for Seattle Tacoma

I want to bring more information on other neighborhoods of Tacoma and other aspects such as music, art, and food venues, hidden gems that even Tacoma residents don’t know about.

I have lived in Tacoma for a good portion of my young adulthood and I am still learning about some of the events and areas that Tacoma has to offer. It’s unfortunate that often more than not that the light is overshadowed on Tacoma.

Tacoma has some unfortunate luck

The fact that Tacoma shares the same state with Seattle doesn’t help and in 2018, Tacoma has been losing some of the biggest business contracts like State Farm, Da Vita, and small businesses are struggling to keep their doors open.

The homeless make it hard for Tacoma to keep the appearance up enough to attract businesses, however, that’s in every downtown city, and Tacoma has been cracking down on camps under passways, so the homeless are forced to find spots in doorways, alleys, and parks to find shelter.

Tacoma is gritty right down to the wire

But, that what brings the beauty of it, people, creating art and music scenes and collaborating with each other, you have people proud of their 253 roots, no shame unlike those claiming the 206 as their hometown, when they’re really from Tacoma.

Writing for Seattle Tacoma will bring light to that side of Tacoma, that we are finally hearing about in newsletters, recently Tacoma was voted one of the most artistic cities.

What is next for Seattle Tacoma?

Well, as long as I can write for this website and explore Tacoma and Seattle, I’ll continue to post pieces on just real experiences within both cities, real-time moments.

Because I want to bring more than just guide writing for this site, I’ll leave that up to the owner, so I hope you stay with me and enjoy my writing as I will only continue to get better and more expressive while passionate about the cities.

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